Your babies’ first words revealed

We asked what your baby's first word was and got some great answers - check out the most popular here



Your baby must have places to be, people to see, as ‘bye’ proved to be a popular first word.


For UmmeHani Merchant this was one of three first words in her family, telling us on Facebook, “Allah, bye and Papa” were her children’s first words.



Thank goodness this one made it in, eh mums?

Naim Roseby, Sarah Nichols, Katharine Chappell, Michelle Blacklock, Amy Fuller and Cara Sayer all celebrated on our Facebook wall that this was their baby’s first word.



You might think you’re talking to yourself when you’re walking your baby through the park and pointing everything out like a rent-a-tour-guide, but your baby is taking the info in.

No doubt a lot of feeding the ducks meant that for Kerrie Guthrie, “Duck!” was her little one’s first word. Janie Ashton even got a “Quack” from her baby!



Ah, the wonder of a ball. Whether it’s a football, softball, tennis ball or beach ball, your child will come across many in his life, so perhaps it’s a fitting first word.

It was certainly the case for Leanne McGrieg’s little one, who chose ‘ball’ as the first word they’d ever say.



Yay – he made it in there eventually! No sulking now, it’s a lovely first word and for Sarah Arabella Thompson, Amy Fuller and UmmeHani Merchant at least one of their children found the right lip movements to say “Dada” before any other word.



Spot what’s going to be someone’s favourite sandwich filling! Cara Sayer had the BX office in a fit of giggles when she revealed one of her baby’s first words was “ham”.



Leanne McGreig revealed that it was birds that caught the attention of one of her little ones and so they skipped out mum and dad and went straight for, “BIRD”.

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