What’s happening with your baby?

He smiled! It’s a magical moment – his first real smile. It will probably come as a response to your smiling at him, and you will know it’s not wind or anything to do with nappies this time, because the smile will show real pleasure, and it will reach his eyes too. Magical!


I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! Around now, you may find your little one shows real excitement when you approach, when it’s bathtime or when you play games with him, or introduce a new or favourite toy. He may kick his legs, wiggle his body and make gurgling, cooing happy sounds.

Speak easy: He may start open and closing his lips in an attempt to copy your lip movements as you speak.

How you can help your baby this week

Keep talking: Of course he can’t understand what you’re saying but talking to your baby as much as you can really helps hot-wire his brain for the beginnings of speech. Explain to him what you’re doing during the day, even though it’s pretty mundane! So as you’re changing his nappy, say, “Here comes the wet-wipe, and next we’ll put on some cream.” He may try to make soft throaty sounds or simply move his body as he tries to communicate back to you.

Your baby’s health

Ouch: Few babies avoid nappy rash completely. Keep him clean and dry, change him often and check he’s completely dry in all his folds and creases before the new nappy goes on.

More like this

Mmmm… that feels nice: Baby massage can help relieve pain, digestive problems, boost his immune system and tone his developing muscles too. Use edible olive oil to glide over his body and relax him

Play ideas for your baby

Garden time: He loves the feel of new sounds and sensations, so take him out for a tour of the garden if the weather’s good. Let him touch the leaves, feel the grass on his toes and see the dappling sunlight through the trees. There’s a whole new world out there!

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