Your baby at 7 weeks

She’s staying awake for longer periods now and is becoming more interested and aware of sounds and sights around her.


What’s happening with your baby?

Supporting herself: She may be able to support the weight of her head when you hold her upright around her chest, but she’s still wobbly so always be ready to catch her heavy head, and always support her head and neck when you pick her up. Now, when she’s on her tummy, she may be able to lift her head to an angle of 45 degrees for a few seconds at a time.


I know what’s coming! Her memory is developing –  and she’s learning to anticipate. Try playing ‘round and round the garden’ with her – and after a few times, she will learn to anticipate the ‘tickle’!

Whose are these? She may become fascinated by her hands around now, staring at them as she opens and closes her fingers. Wonder if she knows they belong to her body yet?

Sounds good: Listen out for more sounds from her lips around now – ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ ‘goo’ or maybe even the start of a laugh or squeal. But don’t worry if she’s the silent type – all babies develop at different speeds.

How you can help your baby this week

Grabbing is good! You can encourage her to use her arms and hands by dangling soft toys close enough for her to reach and bat out at them, or by simply placing them next to her, within reach. Watch her surprise when she actually manages to touch one! It’s the beginning of her journey in hand-eye co-ordination.

Set a routine: Believe it or not now is a good time to start creating a regular bedtime routine. A bath, followed by pyjamas, a soothing feed, bedtime story and lullaby could make bedtimes a dream…

Your baby’s health

Check up: Around now, she’ll be due for her six to eight week routine physical and developmental check at your local surgery.


Play ideas for your baby

Making music: A musical mobile for her cot will keep her amused about now. Or how about the sound of your very own dulcet tones? She loves the sound of your voice – yes, even when you’re singing. But keep it gentle. I don’t think she’s ready for your Amy Winehouse impersonation quite yet.

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