Your baby’s feet

Those little tiny toes look so cute, but it’s important to look after your baby’s feet. Read our guide for all the tips you need…


Keep ‘em clean

“Apart from being small and soft, there’s not a lot happening with your baby’s feet in the first few weeks after the birth,” says Matthew. “This is because the bones in the feet don’t properly start to form and grow until around 6 months. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep your baby’s tootsies clean and dry, so in the first few months, wash her feet with lightly soaped warm water, and dry them well with cotton wool, getting in between the toes with a cotton bud.”


Nail the problem

Wriggly babies make cutting growing toenails tricky, but don’t panic as it’s easy when you know how. “Always use nail clippers rather than scissors for safety and ease,” says Matthew. “This will also give you less chance of getting blunt ends that occur with scissors. Cut straight across the nail, but don’t be alarmed if they seem soft, as babies’ nails aren’t hard like ours.” Make sure you’ve got enough light to see what you’re doing, and if your little one is a real wriggler, give her a toy to distract her, or do it when she’s asleep for a sneaky way around it. 

Make some room

Watch for babygros or sleepsuits with elasticated foot sections attached as they can get too tight around your baby’s ankles. “If the ankle material is too snug, it can either pull the foot up or down out of place which is uncomfortable and tightens your baby’s muscles,” says Matthew. “If the sleepsuit does have feet, make sure you can get an adult’s thumb between the material and ankle as that’ll be the perfect fit for comfort and safety.”


Try this… 

Choose easy-to-use clippers to keep little nails trimmed like Boots Baby Nail Clippers.

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