For men who are trying for a baby experts believe the ideal environment for sperm should be a temperature slightly below core body heat.


It’s this theory that has lead American Josh Shoemake, who has suffered fertility problems of his own, to invent a pair of men’s underpants that keep things chilly, in order to maximise the chances of conceiving.

The “Snowballs” pants come with a special integrated pocket containing gel packs designed to cool a man’s genitals in an effort to boost his sperm count.

Josh, who’s based in Morocco, came up with the idea after a friend of his was told by a doctor to cool his genitals in order to help him conceive.

“It was my friend and his wife who really provided a breakthrough. It had been a painful year. There had been a silent miscarriage after two years of trying, and the best doctor that money could buy had said that their chances were now zero,” Josh writes on the Procreativity website.

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“They ignored his advice and saw another doctor, and then another, until finally one gynaecologist too the time to sit down with them and listen carefully,” he explains.

“Almost immediately, he had a new plan. First, my friend should begin icing his testicles.”

Josh’s friend began cooling down his testicles and pretty soon he and his wife conceived a daughter.

Talking to MailOnline, Josh said, “The studies showing that icing works are pretty recent, and we’re just starting out, but there’s no doubt that heat kills sperm, and that icing prevents this.”

Josh hopes to raise around US$20,000 (£13,361) via his Kickstarter webpage before 4 April to fund production and marketing for the underpants, which will be priced around $65 (£43-53) for three pairs of underwear, three SnowWedges gel packs, and a guide to how you can maximise the chances of conception.

Fascinating stuff! Would your other half have the erm, balls, to try it out?!


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