Does diet affect my baby’s gender?

Can what you eat when you are trying for a baby really have an impact of the gender of your child?


If anyone knew the secret to ensuring the sex of a couple’s child he’d be a millionaire overnight! Still, for those women who like to try out a theory, it’s interesting to see the findings of a study published during 2008…


Does a high calorie diet increase your chances of having a boy?

A study, carried out by the Universities of Exeter and Oxford, claimed that a high-calorie diet coupled with regular breakfasts might increase the odds of conceiving a boy.

A sample study was made of 740 first-time pregnant women in the UK. They were asked to provide records of their eating habits during the early stages of pregnancy.
56% of mothers-to-be with the highest energy intake at the time of conception gave birth to boys, compared to 45% of women with the lowest energy intake.

The women who gave birth to sons consumed around 2,413 calories a day compared with 2,283 calories for those who had daughters. Those who had boys were also more likely to have eaten a higher quantity and range of nutrients, including potassium, calcium and vitamins C, E and B12.


The study’s results are certainly interesting and might comfort hearty eaters, but the numbers of women involved in the study do not constitute a worldwide conclusive trend, and shouldn’t encourage all women to start over-eating if they dream of having sons!


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