Egg Donation – The Facts

What is egg donation, and how successful could it be for helping you conceive?


If you have been trying for some time and investigations into infertility have identified a problem with your eggs, you might consider egg donation.


The need for egg donation when you’re trying to conceive can happen for a number of reasons:

  • You may have no ovaries or ovaries damaged by cancer
  • You may be unable to produce your own eggs
  • You may have had an early menopause
  • You may be at risk of passing on an inherited disease

With egg donation, eggs from a donor are fertilised with your partner’s sperm in a laboratory dish and the resulting embryos are transferred (or implanted) to your uterus.

The downside to egg donation is that unless it is a friend or relative who is donating her eggs, there are very long waiting lists because of the shortage of people willing to donate eggs.

Counselling is often offered when you’re going through egg donation.


Egg donation has a success rate of between 25 and 40%.


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