Free IVF for women over 40?

Thousands of women in their 40s could be offered free IVF on the NHS


Under new proposals women aged between 40 and 42 could be offered one full cycle of free IVF.


The current regulations state that only women aged between 23 and 39 are eligible for IVF on the NHS.

If approved, the proposals – which have been published today by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) – will update the NHS’s guidelines on who is eligible for free IVF.

The new guidelines could also mean that women under the age of 39 would be able to have three cycles of IVF after two years of trying to conceive, rather than having to wait for three years like they do now.

‘Infertility is a medical condition that can cause significant distress for those trying to have a baby,’ says Dr Gill Leng, Deputy Chief Executive of the NICE. ‘The aim of these new and updated recommendations is to ensure that everyone who has problems with fertility has access to the best levels of help.’ Good news for anyone who is struggling to conceive!

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