There’s no definitive research that shows certain positions are good for conceiving and others aren't, and you don't need one more thing to fret about doing 'wrong'. However, one of the most important things about sex for conception is that you enjoy it: not only is the female orgasm helpful to draw sperm up into the uterus, but the sense of well-being and relaxation an enjoyable sex life brings can also improve your conception chances.


The same tired old sex-for-conception routine can wear you both down and so variety can, quite literally, be the spice of life. So here are some ideas for good baby-making positions:

Missionary position

Not very imaginative perhaps, but straightforward man-on-top does generally offer good penetration and allows the sperm to work with gravity on their side. You can give gravity a helping hand by propping a pillow under the base of your spine.

Legs by your head

If you're quite supple then try this twist on the missionary position. The man is on top, as per missionary, and supporting himself on his arms, but the woman pulls her legs up and backwards so her feet are near her shoulders. In this position the man should be able to vary his movements more easily.


If you haven't tried the spoon position before it's definitely worth a go. The man and woman both lie on their sides, facing in the same direction with the man entering the woman from behind. This ensures good penetration but at the same time is a very gentle position, great for if you're both tired and more interested in intimacy than making the room shake. Not everyone will like the fact that you can't see each others' faces in this position, though for others this may be quite a turn-on.

More like this


Like spoons but this time facing each other, the woman will need to pull one knee up and wrap it around the man's upper body to allow for good penetration.

Side entry

The woman lies on her side with one leg raised to allow the man to kneel with one knee on either side of her lower leg and enter her completely moving with arcing strokes. Once the man is in position the woman can turn her upper body so that she's lying more or less flat, facing her partner. For deeper entry the man can lift her upper leg slightly up and towards her chest.

From behind

There are plenty of variations on this full-penetration position to try.

Lying – With the woman lying on her front and the man crouching above her, with his legs positioned outside hers he can enter her fully and then deepen penetration by rocking forward, higher up her back. You do need to take this gently until you work out what your limits are though, as this can be uncomfortable if the man actually hits the cervix, quite possible in this position.

Sitting – You sit on your partner's knee facing away from him and can easily control the depth of penetration and speed.

All fours – The woman crouches on all fours and the man kneels behind her. You may find it more comfortable and pleasurable for the woman to rock forward onto her elbows, supported with a pillow.


Standing – This is one for the more adventurous of you and can be quite hard work! For successfully deep penetration the man will probably need to support some of the woman's weight, lifting her slightly up and onto his penis. Most couples will also need to use a wall or similar for support, free-standing sex is only for the very strong and athletic!