1. You're fascinated by pregnant women and can't take your eyes off their bumps. Ditto newborn babies. One look and you can virtually hear your ovaries clamouring, 'My turn! My turn!'


2. Yes, we know the experts say, 'Relax and it will happen.' But as every woman who is TTC knows, trying-to-get-pregnant-sex is not the same as enjoying-yourself-sex. Forget spontaneity, it's procreation to a timetable.

3. Your partner begins to slink around looking ever-so-slightly haunted. You've got that look in your eyes again. He starts making noises about 'not being a sex machine, you know.' Oh yes? Since when?

4. It's all about the big O - that's ovulation, not orgasm. He mumbles, 'But I'm not in the mood,' only to be met with an incredulous stare. Not in the mood? He soon changes his mind though, you minx, you...

5. At least the pressure's off him in another way, as you don't require any fancy tricks in the bedroom. It's straight down to business. Forget foreplay, big boy, just impregnate me!

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6. Even if it feels like sex to schedule sometimes, it is special as you wonder if this time might be the time you've conceived. It's fun wondering who the baby will look like!

7. Lordy, you've never known so much about your body and your 'fertile window'. Basal body temperature and 'mittelschmerz' (ovulation pains) hold no mystery for you - in fact, you could teach your gynaecologist a thing or two!

8. Every crack on your ceiling is etched on your mind as you lie with your legs up after sex. Anything to help hit the jackpot. As he'd prefer a 'low-key' TTC along the lines of, 'If it happens, it happens' - you try to fob him off saying it's a yoga position.

9. If you're TTC number two, your rules on watching TV are suddenly much slacker for number one. Now she's plonked in front of Peppa Pig for 10 minutes while you work on producing her sibling.

10. That magical moment when the blue line appears on your pregnancy test - make that the third one though, as you can't believe it the first time - OMG! It's happened, you're going to be a mum. Stick with Babyexpert - we'll be with you all the way!

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