Trying again after miscarriage

Many couples suffer the loss of miscarriage but go on to have wonderful families. But how soon can you try again after you have miscarried? And what other things should you consider?


No one can tell you exactly how you should feel when you have miscarried. Coping with miscarriage is a huge and personal process, and hopefully one that you can at least share with your partner.


Miscarriage is not something which necessarily means you are incapable of having children, and it is more common than you probably think. Most couples who go through a miscarriage are able to go on to have healthy children.

Are you ready to try again?

Many couples find that starting to try again for another child is the most positive way to come out of suffering a miscarriage but a new pregnancy isn’t a “quick fix” and it may take you longer to heal.

Talk it through and make sure you are both ready for this step, as a previous loss can understandably make one or both of you feel the pressure is on to conceive again. Also, it will affect your confidence during another pregnancy, and it’s important that you both feel you can express your fears about the health of a new foetus and then of the baby when it arrives.

It is not at all unusual to have these fears (or even dreams), but being able to voice them to each other (as well as to either friends or to others here on the ThinkBaby forum)will make your experience a much happier future pregnancy

You will need to focus on recovering from a miscarriage first, both emotionally and physically. Your periods may return as soon as 28 days after your miscarriage, but this doesn’t mean you have to try and get pregnant immediately.

Having sex again may be difficult and you should wait until the bleeding has stopped. Remember, having a miscarriage does not mean you are more prone to miscarriages in general. Your chances of conceiving are not affected by a miscarriage unless there is an underlying medical problem.

Find out more about considerations when trying for a baby after a miscarriage.  

Pregnant after a miscarriage

If you are still struggling to come to terms with losing a baby, try some of these coping methods to help you prepare for trying to conceive again. Fears that you will miscarry again are common and once you are pregnant you may find yourself worrying about miscarriage. You can learn more about whether there’s a risk of it happening again and when you do conceive again, find out more about being pregnant after a miscarriage

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