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There, you'll find so many stories from women sharing all sorts of experiences, not only about parenting but, for some, about the tough time they're having getting to that stage, too.

And when we saw this TTC (trying to conceive) poem from Natt08 - we just knew we had to share it. It's so honest - and something we reckon lots of you can relate to, as well. Take a look...

A TTC poem

"The TWW [two-week wait] is over, once again.

"Like all the other times, it resulted in my womb destroying its protective layer and my vagina has started literally dripping with blood.

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"The frustration, disappointment and failure came flooding along too!

"It's happening again.

"We've not conceived.. again.

"Time to brave the world for another month.

"To fake laugh when they say "Your turn next!", "When are you having one?" when all you wanna do is scream "ITS' NOT THAT EASY!"

"Time to start again, when you've got no hope left inside.

"You both know without actually saying the words, that this chance is over, this month is out. No 2 lines this time.

"You both know inside you're blaming yourself but what if it's not you? You both feel stressed and depressed but it's time to move on because that won't help.

"19 months in, I could have carried two full terms by now. In 19 months time, will this be a bad memory or will it be four?

"We struggle to see:
Where we go from here.
What we say to each other.
How we're going to do this again.
We are struggling to conceive..."

We have to say, we think this will resonate with a lot of people out there who have known the disappointment of not conceiving month after month.

You're not alone ?And if you do want to chat to others going through something similar - why not have a look at the TTC threads on our forum?

You'll find some great chat and advice from people who know just what you're experiencing.

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