Preparing for a new baby can be confusing. With so many products for newborns flooding the market, it’s hard to know what’s essential and what will never get used at all. But that’s where the Aptica travel system from the award-winning Inglesina can help.


Inglesina has been dedicated to baby wellness for more than 60 years, and the Italian luxury brand has consistently pushed the boundaries with its prams, strollers, car seats and accessories. The Aptica is no exception – this innovative travel system offers all the key items you need for transporting a newborn, from a cosy carrycot to an all-season stroller seat and a reclining, rotating car seat. Ideal for new parents, it’s a convenient way to keep your little one safe and comfortable while you’re on the go.

A mother sat down and looking at her child in a carrycot

Read on to learn more about all the Aptica’s handy features.

The Aptica chassis

Aptica chassis

The Aptica aims to marry elegance and functionality, which is why the chassis (pushchair frame) comes in two stylish colours, with luxurious details including a vegan leatherette handle and chrome trims. If you purchase the Aptica in Velvet Grey or Pashmina Beige, your chassis will be Palladio (a light gold), but if you opt for Resort Blue, it will be Litto (a gunmetal chrome).

The Aptica chassis is compatible with both the carrycot and the stroller seat, depending on the age of your child. It weighs only 7.2kg – or 10.4kg with the seat attached – so it’s easy to transport and can be folded down to fit in your car boot. Plus, it features polyurethane tyres that can tackle all common surfaces, keeping your baby comfortable on any journey.

The Aptica carrycot

Inglesina’s Aptica with carrycot

Inglesina’s dedication to baby wellness continues with the Aptica’s carrycot, which is suitable for up to 6 months, with plenty of room for your baby to stretch and grow. MFM reviewer Paul said: “We loved the fact there was room for a thick outdoor sleepsuit and blankets – perfect for the cold Yorkshire winters – and you won’t need to worry about your baby growing out of this carrycot before they reach 6 months.”

The carrycot includes the brand’s signature Welcome Pad, with a breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial bamboo fibre lining to help regulate your baby’s temperature. Mesh in the ventilation window and around the base allows increased air flow and temperature control in the carrycot, while the hood has UV protection and a sun visor to protect your child’s eyes from bright sun.

An integrated handle also allows the carrycot to be manoeuvred with one hand, and you can even turn it into a crib using the stand-up support included. You could use this in lieu of a bedside crib, to get even more value for money from your Aptica, or just set it up when you need it for daytime naps and travel.

The Aptica stroller seat

A mother looking at her child in a stroller seat

One of the smartest elements of Inglesina’s Aptica is its ‘all-season’ stroller seat, which comes with a padded Comfort Cover that covers the back of the seat to keep your little one warm during the colder months. When temperatures rise again, you can remove the cover to reveal a double breathable mesh layer that allows air to circulate more freely, keeping your child cooler.

The structure of the seat, which is 55 x 37cm, ensures your child is always kept comfortably in the correct position until they outgrow the pushchair (at around 22kg). It also has four possible recline positions, including a sleeping position, which can be adjusted via the central control.

The Darwin Infant Recline Car Seat

A mother safely putting her child in a recline car seat

Inglesina recognises that babies breathe best when lying down, rather than sitting up, as their respiratory system isn’t fully developed yet. That’s why Aptica’s Darwin Infant Recline Car Seat has been designed to keep your baby flat while out and about, plus it has been tested to the most up-to-date European Safety Standard, R129.

The back rest can be lowered, and the leg rest extended, to keep your baby’s back and legs aligned for maximum comfort, while a central mechanism at the front of the seat allows you to adjust their position back to upright when needed. The seat structure itself has 149 holes to facilitate air flow and ensure optimal temperature control, as well as an Integrated Shock Absorber and high-level Side Impact Protection technology for further reassurance in the event of an accident.

A mother safely putting her child in a recline car seat

Better still, the car seat comes with a Darwin 360 base, which means it can be fully rotated, even while reclined, to ensure your baby isn’t disturbed if you need to move them. The base also fits the Darwin Next Stage i-Size Car Seat, so you can upgrade the seat as your child grows.

A mother along her child in a stroller in the woods

The Aptica XT

If you’re looking for something more rugged, you could also opt for the all-terrain Aptica XT, with an Adaptive Cruise System that easily handles any surface and adapts to your child’s growth. Designed for going off the beaten track, it’s perfect for trips to the beach, woodland walks and any other outdoor adventures.

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Aptica RRP £1,595
Aptica XT RRP £1,695