Mini-me pirates

This gorgeous snap was sent in by Lori Tyson of her two mini pirates Taryb and Nalani.


Show me the gold!

Protecting their stash of gold and treasure, Magdalena Ali sent in this fab picture of these two dressed up pirates.


Eye see you...

Ahoy! Check out this baby pirate, as sent in by Lauren Goodchild. Loving the creative face painting...


No bones about it

Captain Jack Sparrow eat your heart out! Rachel Brewitt sent in this cute snap of her son Oliver dressed up as a skeleton pirate.


Ahoy me hearties

Danka Bakic sent in this sweet picture of her son Stefan doing his best pirate pose.

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All aboard!

Check out her gorgeous squeezable cheeks! This mini pirate is ready for sea with her skull motif cap, as sent in by mum Emily McMillan.


Sunburnt sweeties

Mary Barton sent in this cute picture of her children, who had got creative with a cardboard box and created their own pirate ship! According to Mary, twins Jessica and Joshua both had an allergic reaction to sun cream that day, but still managed to pose - what troopers!


Shore thing

Zoe Ellis-Martin sent this picture in of her son Charlie getting set for sea, complete with his cuddly toys and washing basket!


That way Captain!

Jo Mellish sent this snap of her daughter Amber and son Max as they set sail from their back garden. Check out the home made sea, with fish and a killer whale!


Chip off the old block

Here is Sami, who got creative with his building blocks and made his own ship made of colourful squares and triangles. This cute snap was sent in by his mum Lisa Bignell.