10 of the best mad-mum quotes from singer Pink

Rock chick Pink shocks, delights and amuses with her thoughts on being a mum


Stumbling through

“It’s been amazing watching my man stumble awkwardly into love with his baby daughter,” Pink tells Ellen DeGeneres.


Freak show

“And it’s just a dance party and now my husband can’t call me a freak cause somebody’s dancing with me,” Pink tells Ellen DeGeneres.


Prescious moments

“Now that Willow’s so rambunctious and doing her own thing, nursing is the only time I can get her to stop and star longingly into my eyes,” Pink tells Fabulous magazine.


Mummy momentos

“My life was once whiskey, tears and cigarettes… now it’s snot, tears and the colour of poop,” Pink tweeted.


Pitter patter

“You realise one day, Holy s**t, she’s running away from me!” Pink tells Entertainment Tonight Canada.

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