10 of the biggest parenting shocks of 2016

Woah! These stories got us talking, right?


2016 was a BIG year in the parenting shock stakes. There were break-ups, surprise babies and boundaries being crossed all over the place. Or, at least, that’s how it felt.


Here’s our rundown of some of the most shocking parenting stories of the year…

1. The Brangelina split

There’s no point being coy and popping this anywhere than in the number 1 slot.

The news that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had broken up was massive generally, not just in the parenting world.

We can imagine there will be some logistics for the couple to work out, especially over the festive and New Year period – plus some really difficult emotional months ahead for the family. We just wish them all well during this tough, tough time ?

2. Carey Mulligan becoming a mum

‘Mum’ was definitely the word on this one. Brit actress Carey Mulligan has always kept quiet about her private life, but she left fans a bit confused when she appeared at a premiere in a purple tulle dress in October – looking, well, not in the least bit pregnant, when she’d confirmed a few months earlier that she was expecting a baby.

Well, she wasn’t pregnant as she’d given birth just a couple of weeks before to her first daughter Evelyn – but hadn’t said a word to the press. Fair dos. ?

3. Britain’s oldest mum has TRIPLETS

Triplets at any age must be tough but grandma Sharon Cutts had them at 55 – and is the oldest mum in Britain.

Sharon admitted her first thought was, “Oh my God, how am I going to cope?” but, as she’s already a mum of 4, at least she knows the ropes of parenting a wee bit already…

4. Dad names his baby after an ex-girlfriend

Nope, never, wouldn’t happen in our house, just wrong… well, that’s what the mums on our Facebook page thought when we shared this thread, started on Reddit by a woman who hadn’t realised until after her husband had named their baby that it was a reference to an old flame… ?


5. Janet Jackson announces her pregnancy 

The world’s media started reporting that Janet Jackson was pregnant back in the spring, just 2 week short of JJ’s 50th birthday.

The singer confirmed the rumours were true by posing for People magazine in a tight-fitting dress that showed her bump off in October.

6. MP Antoinette Sandbach opens up about her baby boy’s death

It’s not often you see tears in the House of Commons, so when Ms Sandbach spoke from the heart about how she lost her 5-day-old son to sudden infant death syndrome, unsurprisingly, it bought waves of sadness to her colleagues – and made the headlines.

There haven’t been many times we’ve seen the human face of politicians against the backdrop of Parliament but this was certainly one of them. A groundbreaking – and heartbreaking – moment for many.

7. Anton Du Beke to be a dad at 50

Strictly’s popularity has grown year on year, and, without a doubt, Anton Du Beke’s up there as one of the most stalwart and most-loved dancers.

So we were delighted to hear that the entertainer is to become a dad at 50 with his girlfriend Hannah Summers.

Oooh, and did we mention it’s twins? Double excitement or what?!!

8. Kristina Rihanoff announces pregnancy live on Celebrity Big Brother

There were more Strictly shocks this year as, just days after arriving at the BB house, dancer Kristina Rihanoff revealed she was 3 months pregnant with partner Ben Cohen, whom she’d met while paired up with him on the show.

The pregnancy wasn’t planned but the couple were delighted.

9. The school that’s decided to grade parents

A school in Nottinghamshire caused ripples when it became public knowledge that they’re grading parents from A to D for their involvement with school activities and their child’s education.

Do parents get to grade the teachers, too? Errrr, no….


10. Jamie and Jools Oliver have baby number 5

And finally, we were SUPER excited when the Olivers announced they were having another baby – but surprised, too, as you don’t get so many 5-child families these days.

But, we have to say, waiting to hear what name they’d chosen was agony! We were so excited to hear what their choice would be (judging by the ones they’d picked for the rest of the brood) and we weren’t disappointed. River Rocket, welcome to the world!

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