10-year-old’s guinea pigs spark drug raid

Drugs squad raid garage after mistaking guinea pig heater for cannabis farm hotspot


We’ve all heard stories of police being a little overzealous with the general public, but this one really tickled us.


Police chiefs have apologised to a family after a 10-year-old boy’s elderly guinea pigs, 10-year-old Simon and Kenny were at the centre of a drugs raid.

The pet heater that owner Pam Hardcastle used to keep Simon and Kenny snug was mistaken for a ‘hotspot’ lighting system used by a force helicopter in the area. These lighting systems are used by drug dealers to grow cannabis.

The squad burst into Pam’s garage in Bradford armed with a battering ram, but were left red faced as Pam revealed the heating system was little more than a cosy addition to Simon and Kenny’s home.

“When I opened it up and they saw the guinea pigs, they didn’t say anything,” said Pam. “They were in the garage two seconds and they left.’”

“I would like to apologise for the distress [the raid] may have caused,” said Inspector Darren Brown.


We hope you said sorry to Simon and Kenny too, Inspector Brown, poor little things…

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