Many grown ups are unable to give up comforting baby and toddler habits, a survey of 1,451 men and women aged 18 and over has revealed.


The survey, conducted by, found that while 76% of the people asked admitted to once having a childhood habit, 41% said that they’ve been unable to stop as they’ve grown older.

An amazing 10% still have a blankie and 21% have to sleep with the light on. The survey also revealed that, of the grown ups who admitted to sleeping with a childhood toy, 79% had a stuffed animal, and 46% couldn’t sleep without their toy.

The Top five childhood habits adults still have are:

• Sleeping with a childhood toy - 24%
• Sleeping with a light on – 21%
• Sucking a thumb/ finger – 12%
• Owning a comforter/ blanket – 10%
• Stroking skin/ soft items – 8%

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While many of these habits are just potentially embarrassing as you get older and have to explain why old teddy has to sleep in your bed, the number of adult thumb suckers is more concerning.

Thumb sucking can have a very damaging effect on your jaw developing and shape. It’s definitely a childhood habit that parents need to encourage young children to kick in the early years. Find out how to hep your tot drop the thumb and other comforters.


Do you still have any childhood habits? Let us know…