20 baby mementoes mums keep for ever

Hospital bands, locks of hair, milk teeth… the childhood keepsakes mums most treasure


Your baby’s tiny hospital band, a soft baby curl, a smudgy poster-paint handprint, even a couple of milk teeth: these are just some of the things us mums can’t bear to throw away – ever.


So say the results of a new survey of 2,000 mothers by Clarks shoes, which suggests we’re all a bit prone to getting sentimental and hoarding a fair old bunch of keepsakes to remind us of our children’s earliest days, favourite toys and memorable milestones.

Top of the keepsake list (below) come children’s drawings and photos, and making mementos of locks of hair, first shoes and maternity hospital baby identity bracelets is popular, too. But, perhaps more surprisingly, a fair number of us seem to like hanging on to old school reports and old school jumpers.

So what will you keep/have you kept from your child’s early years? Let us know in the comments below!

Mums’ top 20 most treasured mementoes:

1. Drawings

2. Photographs

3. First pair of shoes

4. School work

5. A lock of hair

6. Hospital band

7. First hand or foot print

8. School reports

9. Toys

10. Teeth

11. School awards

12. First pair of school shoes

13. Books

14. Baptism outfit

15. Their favourite blanket

16. Their favourite item of clothing as a child

17. Self portrait

18. Their sketchbook

19. Christening present

20. School jumper

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