5 of the most incredible twins (and more) in the news

We reveal our favourite unbelievable-but-true stories about multiples


Twins – with different dads!

These brothers were born within minutes of each other, but DNA soon proved they actually had different daddies!

We have a feeling just one pair isn’t enough!

Room for 11 more?

This woman from Tunisia was claimed to be expecting not one, not two, but 12 babies!

Twins, with a difference…

Different birthdays, different star signs – but twins all the same!

These twin boys were born two days apart – and that’s not the only amazing part of their story…

This mum of twins picked two unusual names…

Jack Daniels and Tia Maria

No we’re not talking about going for an alcoholic beverage, we’re talking twin names!

Amazing – the conjoined twins who hear each others thoughts

I know what you’re thinking!

These extraordinary conjoined twins can hear each other’s thoughts…

Here’s some more great stuff on multiples…


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