5-year-old explains to her mum how a COW got into the house

You know your little one's up to something when it goes quiet. But sneaking a HUGE farmyard animal into your home sure takes some beating...


As a parent, you just know when your little one’s up to something, right? The deafening silence usually says it all. 


So we wonder just HOW quiet it was in this particular household in Pennsylvania, US, when 5-year-old Breanna decided to sneak a cow in. Yep, you read that right – a real, living, breathing, lifesize COW. ?

In a brilliant video, posted to YouTube, mum Billie Jo can be heard asking her daughter: “Do you want to go over with me how she got in here?”

Um, good luck with that mum ?


Mum deduces: “You just let her in, didn’t you?” but Breanna insists that Izzy (who is, to be fair, the family’s ‘pet’ cow – but she doesn’t live in the house) snuck in when she was looking the other way. OK….

Breanna even goes on to tell her mum that Izzy pooed and she cleaned it up. Pretty impressive, right? Well, no, not really, as Mum’s pretty sure that’s just a fib. Hmmm.

Here’s the full video – and it’s pretty funny.

We’re guessing THIS hasn’t happened to any of our mums (though we might be wrong) but we bet you’ve had a moment when it’s all gone quiet and you know your kiddiwink’s up to something properly cheeky, right?

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