What do table manners, telling the time and tying shoelaces have in common? Well, they're all important life skills you should pass on to your children, according to a new survey by Chessington World of Adventures.


The list of 59 most important life skills, according to British parents was topped by saying please and thank you dads with 80% of the vote.

“It is interesting that the top three things on the parental teaching list are all to do with ‘behaviour’, and how the child ‘appears’ to others," psychologist Donna Dawson, who was involved in the study said. “Parents are clearly worried that their children will reflect badly on them."

So what else made the list? See how many you can check off here…

  1. Always say please and thank you
  2. Respect your elders
  3. Show good table manners
  4. Always tell the truth
  5. Don’t talk to strangers
  6. Brush your teeth properly twice a day
  7. Treat others with kindness
  8. Be confident
  9. Be helpful
  10. Admit when you’re wrong
  11. Work hard at school
  12. Know when to say ‘No’
  13. Save money and spend it wisely
  14. Be independent
  15. Learn how to swim
  16. Appreciate wildlife / animals
  17. Show compassion
  18. Accept defeat with grace
  19. Deal with rejection and disappointment
  20. Comfort others
  21. Have a loving relationship
  22. Don’t walk home alone at night
  23. Get along with people you may not like that much
  24. Always look on the bright side
  25. Distinguish needs from wants
  26. Support yourself financially
  27. How to add, subtract, multiply and divide
  28. Look someone in the eye when talking to them
  29. How to tie a shoelace
  30. Eat your greens
  31. How to ride a bike
  32. How to write a thank you letter
  33. Tell the time on a clock with hands
  34. How to make your bed
  35. Always accept a challenge
  36. How to deal with tragedy
  37. How to resolve a dilemma
  38. How to negotiate
  39. To always clear your plate after dinner
  40. Read before you go to bed because it’s good for you
  41. How to drive a car
  42. How to throw a ball
  43. Don’t get involved in unnecessary dramas
  44. Watch TV and pay video games in moderation
  45. How to read a traditional map
  46. How to dress for an occasion
  47. How to bake a cake
  48. How to give a firm handshake
  49. How to tie a tie
  50. How to write an essay
  51. How to wrap a present
  52. How to change a flat tyre
  53. How to fly a kite
  54. How to start a fire
  55. How to pitch a tent
  56. How to dive into a swimming pool
  57. How to do a cartwheel
  58. How to use chopsticks
  59. How to open a champagne bottle

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