To celebrate the amazing movie life of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams who died yesterday at the age of 63, we've chosen a selection of his greatest family roles.


While he was famous for films such as Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society and his Oscar-winning performance in Good Will Hunting, it’s his unforgettable characters in children’s films that won him a place in our hearts.

From his hilarious Genie in Aladdin to the dad going to extreme lengths to spend time with his children in Mrs. Doubtfire – Robin has made us laugh and cry in a huge range of roles.

Here we take a look back at some of our most cherished movie moments.

Thanks for the memories Robin.

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Robin’s standout performance in Disney’s Aladdin still has little ones rolling around laughing.

As the Genie, Robin improvised 16 hours of material in his recording sessions. The Academy reportedly turned down the script for Best Adapted Screenplay consideration because so much of it was improvised.



“Bangarang Peter Pan!”

In this retelling of this traditional story, Robin played a middle-aged Peter Pan who had been away from Neverland for so long he’d forgotten everything of his previous life – even how to fly.


Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin made us laugh and cry in this heartfelt story of a family going through a bitter divorce. Robin’s character Daniel dresses in drag as Mrs Doubtfire to become his ex-wife’s housekeeper and spend time with his children.



This rollicking, and slightly scary, family adventure sees Robin play Alan Parrish – who’s been trapped in the Jumanji boardgame for decades. As the game comes to life, the next generation of inquisitive children risk sharing Alan’s fate.



Robin played wacky Professor Philip Brainard in this slippery slapstick comedy.


Night at the Museum

Robin plays the 26th US President Teddy Roosevelt in this action adventure where the American Museum of Natural History comes to life every night. He had completed the shooting of the next instalment of this film series, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, before his death.


Happy Feet

This musical family film follows the story of a tap-dancing penguin. Robin Williams lent his voice to 2 characters - Ramón and Lovelace.


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