We all know what it's like to sit in an exam and come across a question you don't know the answer to.


But these kids' test sheets reveal that sometimes children are cleverer than they get the credit for.

They might have officially got the answer wrong and been given a big red cross from their teacher. But we'd to give the ones in our little roundup here a big green non-official tick – for creativity and humour.

Science is up first. The question is asking children to match Darwin's theory of evolution led with images of a giraffe with a short neck dying out because only the giraffes with long necks could reach the leaves on the trees.

Our star answer comes from the child who, quite sensibly, we think, decided the illustration show that long-necked giraffes are 'heartless creatures'. Good point! – and, foxed by a metric conversion question, one child has worked out a clever way around the whole issue. Of course: to change centimetres to meters, you just 'take out centi'. Obvious!

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Our second favourite comes from a child who was asked to 'name the quadrilateral'. So she gave each shape on the paper a name, including 'Bob' and 'Sam'. Well, you can't say she didn't answer the questions!

Have fun spotting more hilariously clever test answers in our gallery...

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