A great way to toilet train boys?

A light-up urinal that sings when your little one hits the target... genius or OTT?


So you’ve successfully started potty training with your little boy? Now, there could be months (maybe years) ahead of splashed seats and damp floors. Or are there? This entertaining gadget promises no sprinkles and no splashing, as well as doing everything else you’d expect a potty to do.


Spotted at the Baby Show for Trade, we enjoyed how the Tots on Mars urinal springs to life when your tot successfully pees on target. When it’s hit, the target turns into a musical ball of lights in celebration of your little one’s achievement.

But it’s not just a urinal. The contraption is suitable for the entire potty training process and works for little girls too. The urinal lifts off when it’s not in use (or if you’ve not got to that stage yet) and you’re able to use the base as a standard potty, then later a training step and trainer seat for the big toilet.

Set to be priced, like many funky potties, around the mid £20-mark, the urinal and target are no doubt a cool addition to your average potty. But the rest of the potty is plain white and could do with a revamp to make the potty training process more fun for girls and boys alike, in the weeks where just weeing in the general direction of the potty is a cause for celebration!

Check out MFM’s YouTube clip to see the urinal in action!

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