We know everything is getting smart nowadays, but an ‘intelligent stroller’ that pushes itself? We never thought we’d see the day.


Well, technically we still haven’t as it’s in the concept stage, but the folks over at Smartbe are trying to make pushing a pushchair a thing of the past.

The intelligent stroller will push itself – even up hills – while you walk or jog alongside, behind or in front of it.


However, it won't go off on its own. The Smartbe will have a ‘motion tracking sensor system’ so it will follow you wherever you go, even if you walk away from it.

And if for any reason the stroller does get away from you, you can pull on a safety cord to stop it moving.

The SmartBe will have 3 motion modes; the 'self-propelled mode' where you don't touch it, the 'assist propelled mode' where you put your hands on the handle but don't need to push and the 'manual mode' where you have to make the ‘effort’.


What else does it do?

If that isn’t techy enough for you, the buggy will also have an automatic canopy, a carrycot with heating and temperature control, plus it plays lullabies, rocks and has a built-in bottle warmer. Oh yes.

And then... there’s the anti-theft alarm, security lock and light system. Plus you’ll be able to use it as a baby monitor and it will apparently feature a built-in camera.

Of course, it will all be powered by an app that you can control on your mobile or smart watch.

According to the video advert for Smartbe, this stroller will “solve all of your needs, as well as your baby's." Clearly the makers haven’t dealt with a poonami before, but we’ll let that slide.


And the price?

So what will one of these new-age pushchairs set you back? Just £2750.

However as it’s still in the development stage, you’ll have to wait until at least 2017 to splash out on this buggy.

If you simply can’t wait and need to spend some money now, you can invest money into the Smartbe development fund on Indiegogo.

The company is hoping to raise $80,000 to fund the buggy from conception to production.

So what do you reckon, the glorious future or six gadgets too many?


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