Alice In Wonderland star admits “My daughter loves monsters”

Kooky Alice in Wonderland actress Helena Bonham Carter reveals that her 2-year-old daughter loves being scared – a good thing considering dad is Tim Burton!

Looking her usual quirky self on the red carpet last night at the Alice in Wonderland world premiere, Helena Bonham Carter was working her gothic chic style in a haphazard looking Vivienne Westwood gown. Completing the look was a head of messy hair, lashings of kohl… and her equally eccentric hubby Tim Burton!


The couple, nicknamed ‘Mr and Mrs Mad Hatter’, looked kooky and some would say, slightly scary at the premiere of Tim’s film, in which Helena plays the vivacious Red Queens of Hearts. But according the Helena, 43, her 2-year-old daughter Nell wouldn’t have it any other way. “Nell is up for anything. Today she was watching her daddy on breakfast TV but sadly wasn’t interested in seeing daddy, she just wanted to see the monsters again from Alice!” she revealed to The Mirror.

Clearly inheriting her parent’s love of the weird and wonderful, Nell isn’t afraid of her parent’s wacky characters. “She sits there going, ‘Daddy. Switch monsters on.’ We tell her no, but she’ll say, ‘I want to see the monsters again.’”

However, Nell’s older bro Billy Ray, 6, doesn’t share the same tastes when it comes to films and is a little more faint hearted! “It could be a disaster. He’s 6 and a bit sensitive. He knows it’s pretend though, but my character’s giant head might frighten him!”

The Carter-Burton family not only has a kooky sense of style but an unconventional home life too. The couple live in separate houses next door to each other in Hampstead, London, and also own a third house on the same road where the nanny and their two children live. A ground level communal room joins the two studio houses but both have individual bathrooms and kitchens – and they sleep in separate beds. “It’s a great idea. You never have to compromise emotionally or feel invaded,” Helena has said previously.

Alice in Wonderland is the sixth collaboration between the husband and wife, with previous blockbuster films include Planet of the Apes, Sweeney Todd and Big Fish.


To see pics from the upcoming film, due out March 5, take a look at MFM’s sneak preview.

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