Hair she is...

New mum and EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa has experienced a lot of firsts in the last few weeks – and has the Instagram pictures to prove it!


Since baby Ella was born on 15 February, the actress who plays Lauren Branning celebrated her first ever Mother's Day, shared her first baby selfies and now she's shared a picture of baby Ella's first smile.

In the above selfie, baby Ella shows off her fantastic head of hair at 5 weeks. Ella should make the most of her magnificent sprouting, as in a few months' time her newborn hair will fall out, making way for new hair growth.


First smile


We all do it...

"Looking so tired with no make up on ?but she's so worth it, so I'm embracing it," she commented on Instagram.


Cuddles with dad Dan Osborne


Loving that Dennis the Menace look

Photos: Instagram / Jacqueline Jossa

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