Amanda Holden opens up about traumatic birth

Amanda Holden opens up about her traumatic birth ordeal


In a candid interview with The Sun, Amanda Holden has revealed the details of her traumatic birth at the end of January.


After the delivery of baby Hollie, the actress and TV judge said she was ‘moments from death’ when her heart stopped for 40 seconds.

Amanda was in intensive care for three days after a haemorrhage and several blood transfusions following the birth of Hollie.

Before she underwent a C-section birth, doctors were aware Amanda was suffering from both placenta previa and placenta accreta, a rare condition where the placenta can’t detatch from the wall of the womb.

Despite her difficult birth, Amanda had no trouble bonding with newborn Hollie when she finally came out of intensive care.

Amanda told The Sun: ‘I fell in love with her immediately. I felt like I’d been given this enormous gift at the end of it all. I held her and just thought “We’ve gone through this together.”‘


If you had a traumatic birth and need advice, visit the Birth Trauma Association’s website.

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