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This graph, made in Microsoft Excel, charts one mum/dad duo’s sleepless journey from the time their child turned 3 months old, all the way up until the 17-month mark.

And just looking at it made everyone here at MFM nod, and agree: yep, yep, yep yep yep yep ???

The data-loving dad behind the graph, Reddit user jitney86, says he and his wife began tracking how much time their baby slept and breastfed, purely because they had become disoriented by how unpredictable #parentinglife really is.

The resulting chart shows their child’s age (along the bottom), hours in the day (along the side) and in the middle: a whole host of crazy data showing how often mum breastfeed (in green), how often their child was awake (white) and how often the little one was asleep (dark blue).

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Indeed, it’s pretty clear that feeding and sleep are a chaotic mess between 3 and 6 months.

Luckily, their child’s routine starts to steady out by 12 months. And at 17 months? Well, the dotty drama of the first part of the graph is practically a distant memory.

To be honest, we’re not entirely sure how this dad-turned-Excel wizard made this incredible image happen.

BUT it’s quite remarkable to see the early stages of parenting live and in colour like this.

Amazing ???

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Images: reddit/jitney86

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