Amazon and eBay take “They shake me!” babygros off their sites

Babygros with a slogan making light of child abuse have been removed from sale on Amazon and eBay after complaints


Babygros with the slogan “They shake me!” emblazoned on the front have been removed from online retail sites eBay and Amazon after horrified children’s charities complained that they advocated child abuse.


The £15 items, sold by HiveTees, had the slogan written underneath an image of cartoon eyes.

The Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT) reacted strongly, saying that the babygro was “endorsing child abuse.”

“Promoting this type of appalling activity –  ‘shaking a baby’ – is nothing less than endorsing child abuse and or dismissing the seriousness of such an act,” said Lisa Turan from CBIT.

Around 200 cases of babies being shaken are seen in the courts each year and the act can cause brain damage.

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