Animal print wetsuits! What’s not to love?

A fun new design in beachwear for your child


Whether your child is a wannabe surf dude or dudette, or building sand castles is their thing, a trip to the beach may never end in sunburn or feeling frozen again.


Most of the best products for children are the brainwaves of parents, and Saltskin wetsuits are the result of an idea by two active families. Testament to their quality and good design is that they have just launched a range in John Lewis.

It’s hard tracking children in busy places when they all have the same coloured clothing on but in these fabulous printed wetsuits, you would be able to spot your child easily – keeping them safe, keeping you happy.

Are they a tiger, a ladybird, a cow or a giraffe? We are sure that acting out their inner animal will add to their holiday fun!

Suits are priced for children aged 3-12 years old at £52 and £55 and available at

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