TV presenter Anna Williamson - a regular on ITV's This Morning - has given birth to a little boy and, judging by her Instagram comments, she couldn't be happier.


The new mum shared a pic of herself and her new arrival on social media with the words:

"This happened this week. Best thing we ever did@adpfitness ? we got a little boy ????? #newmum #baby #blessed#amazinghusband #love"

Awwwwwww ?

She's also revealed her son's name: Vincenzo George.

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We like it - and we're guessing the inspiration for his first name might just be beautiful Italy as we're pretty sure, based on his name, Anna's hubby and fitness guru Alex Di Pasquale has an Italian connection.

However - perhaps pre-empting the nicknames little Vinny might get (see what we did there?) Anna's already revealed to Mail Online that they'll be shortening their bubba's name - to Enzo.

Here at MFM HQ, some of us were initially a bit confused as to why you'd choose one name but straight away decide to call your child another.

But after chatting it through we figured that, as well as you, the parents, deciding on a shortened name before anyone else got to, going for a longer name on the birth certificate will also mean that as your child grows up they can decide for themselves what they want to be called (in this case, Vin, Vinny, Vincent, are all options if he gets bored with Enzo).

Pretty sensible, huh?

Congratulations, Anna and Alex!

What do you think?

Does your little one have a nickname? Do you like it or does it annoy you - especially if other people choose it? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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