Anna Wintour v North West – it’s a cold front for crying tot!

Tantrumming North West gets a cool reception from Vogue editor Anne Wintour at Kanye's Adidas fashion show


We’ve all been there – stuck next to a bored, back-arching, crying toddler, whose embarrassed mum is desperately trying to calm them down. And we’ve all been there as the embarrassed mum with the crying toddler.


But let’s be honest – who hasn’t resorted to a bit of eye-rolling and tutting when someone else’s child’s crying gets to ear-splitting levels? It’s just that most of us don’t have cameras trained on us when we’re doing it, unlike Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour who quite obviously was not too chuffed to be seated next to little North West at dad Kanye’s catwalk show at New York Fashion Week yesterday.

Anna – known in some circles as  ‘frosty Wintour’  thanks to her icy demeanour – really did not look very pleased to be experiencing North’s full vocal range at daddy Kanye’s Adidas fashion show. But while she grimaced through Nori’s rage, other front-row showbiz royalty, including Beyonce and Jay-Z and Rihanna kept their eyes on the clobber and tried to pretend it wasn’t happening.

Mum Kim Kardashian eventually took North – and her wailing – backstage, no doubt to soothe her with a beaker of juice and a packet of raisins just like any other mum! And to be fair, there are later pics showing Anna smiling (yes, smiling) with Kim and Nori. 

But the rumour mill has come out in full swing over the incident, with some papers claiming other fashion luminaries were none too pleased with Nori’s noise either.  The New York Daily News even reports Elle magazine’s Anne Slowey as saying: “Couldn’t they leave it backstage?”

It? Nice!

Photo: Twitter/Complex Style



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