Another baby for Baby Spice?

Emma Bunton reveals she’d like a sibling for her son.


Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, has told the Metro newspaper that she and boyfriend Jade Jones would like more children. Emma and Jade have been together for 11 years.


Emma, 33, said her new job as a radio DJ, with a twice-weekly show on Heat FM, fitted in perfectly with her and Jade’s desires to expand their family. She said she felt lucky that her afternoon shows let her have work-life balance. Family is also her top priority.

“He’s (Beau’s) still very young, so I sort of want to be home with him a lot. But the Friday 4-7 and the Saturday 4-7 job is just perfect, so I get to be ambitious and fun and go to work and still have my time with my gorgeous son and my partner. I feel so lucky that I’ve got a balance,” Emma said.


Emma said wanted a sibling for her son, Beau, almost 2 years. “To have another child, that’s definitely in my future – just being around Beau, he’s my little dream boat,” Emma told the Metro.

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