‘Another baby, Mum? What are you thinking?’ VIDEO

We love little boy's reaction to his mum's announcement that she's pregnant again...


Telling your child you’re expecting another baby can always be difficult. But Shannee Gibson Hart got a bit of shock when she broke the news to her son Tré.


“What were you thinking?” he says in this hilarious video clip. “Why’ve you got to get another baby? You’ve just had 2!”

“This is exasperating,” he adds, throwing his arms up in the air.

While Tre’s baby sister, in the car seat next to him, looks unperturbed by the new, Tre adds: “That doesn’t make no sense. Because, if it made sense, then you’d just have two babies and you keep loving them forever and not having another baby between us.”

And when his mum tells him he’ll just have to get used to his new sibling, Tre cheekily asks her to buy him some earplugs. Bless him! 

Shannee uploaded the video to Facebook with the caption: “My husband and I been keeping a secret from Tré. Finally told him and he was not happy!”

Watch the video in full above!

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