It can be a hard pill to swallow: someone talking to you as if you’re pregnant, when you’ve already had your baby.


We know people are just trying to be nice, but it’s just not what we need to hear in the post-baby daze ?

So, we can only imagine Canadian Instamum Anupa King initially felt when she was asked whether she was having a boy or a girl, when she’d already welcomed her son Levi 3 weeks prior.


Firstly, it’s gotta be more awkward for them than it is for you (when you call 'em out on it). Right?

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And for fitness fanatic Anupa, though she was taken aback at first, it did inspire her to share a side-by-side bump comparison, showing her 9-month pregnancy tum and her stomach 3 weeks post-baby.

Here's her Instagram post:

“One of the main reasons I share this, as most of you know, THIS is a marathon/dancer's body and while that can mean I'll bounce back in no time it clearly doesn't.

“For me it'll take me back on the trails for some long distance running to feel like myself again.

“Yesterday, I was asked by the baker at my supermarket: 'Are you having a girl or a boy?' and that would have really hit some soft spots/nerves with me... I mean I'm not pregnant anymore but I sure do look it... instead I smiled and nicely said I had a boy. ?

“After I left the supermarket, I realised I absolutely love my body and am so super proud of it,hence the reason I chose to share this post image with you.

“And however long it takes for my body to journey back to where it was once was, then that's fine...

“I know it'll find its way. Until then, I'll continue to be kind, knowing that it's doing exactly what it needs to be doing right now for me and for Levi!”

Our thoughts...

We’ve got to say, we’re SO glad that Anupa felt confident enough to share these pics and her story.

She looks healthy and glowy ? and there’s no doubt in our minds that seeing these honest pics will remind those of us with just-given-birth bodies that other new mums look like us, too.

But there was something about these pics that really struck us – and kind of upset us: this mum had her baby only 3 weeks ago.

Yep, just 3 weeks in, and she’s already feeling like she should be on the road to ‘bouncing back’ to her pre-pregnancy shape.

3 weeks into the whirlwind journey that is motherhood, and sadly, society’s got us thinking that it’s not totally, 100% normal and natural for our tums to still stick out.

As if there hasn’t been a human child living in there for 9 months.

Thankfully, Anupa’s accepted things for what they are, and says that she doesn’t care how long it takes for her to get her body “back”.

Someting we have to admit we're really glad to hear ?

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Images: Instagram/Anupa King

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