Are family homes full of bacteria?

Research suggests a child’s highchair has more germs than a potty!


New research has put the bacteria in our family homes in the spotlight.


Research teams from Zoflora, a cleaning products company had a nosy around family homes in UK, and found some pretty interesting facts about the germs hiding in our children’s toys and equipment.

Homes were swabbed in various locations, from kitchen worktops to children’s toys, with bathroom and hall floors and kitchen work surfaces some of the worst offenders for germs and bacteria.

And if you think your children’s highchair which you’re pretty good at wiping down would escape these nasty, unwanted visitors, think again. It’s estimated to have 1,500 times more germs on it than a child’s potty!

 If you’re in a quandary about how to keep your child’s highchair, toys and potty clean, we’re got some top tips from Dr Catherine Hood from the study:

1. Always wash your hands carefully with soap and water after going to the loo

2. Make sure you prepare and cook food appropriately

3. Change your towels and cleaning cloths regularly


4. Don’t rely on what looks clean, but make sure you use an effective disinfectant as part of your cleaning routine.

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