Are you Britain’s greenest family? If so, you could win £1,000!

Competition looking for energy smart families


In a bid to help the nation become more energy efficient, power and gas company E.ON are challenging British families to come forward and take the 90 day ‘Watt Watchers’ test.


Research has found that 68% of families confess that reducing the size of their energy bills is their greatest motivation for becoming more energy saving aware, but only half (51%) are actually doing something about it! So now is your time…

The six chosen energy saving recruits will be challenged to take up a 90 day task in a bid to bump up their green attitude towards reducing energy and gas consumption.

Whichever contestant steps up to the challenge and beats off the competition by reducing their carbon emissions and energy bills the most wins £1,000 and will be crowned ‘E.ON Watt Watcher of the Year 2009.’

Anyone interested in being energy smart and winning the cash prize, needs to enter before August 28.


Good luck!

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