At last! A baby’s vending machine

New launch of healthy snacks dispenser for kids on the go


Baby and toddler food expert Ella’s Kitchen unveiled a new vending machine at the weekend that’s just the right size for toddlers.


Standing at 115cm tall, it’s the perfect height for toddlers to dispense their favourite snack.

Well, perhaps not their favourite, but definitely snacks preferred by parents since the company is reacting to research that said 82% of parents had complained that they struggle to buy healthy food for their kids when they’re out and about.

The machine will only vend snacks that are 100% organic and contain no concentrates or refined sugars.

In the research, parents listed the top hotspots with a lack of toddler-friendly snacks on offer as:

  • Beaches (43 per cent)
  • Parks or playgrounds (38 per cent)
  • Shopping centres (36 per cent)
  • Theme parks (33 per cent)
  • Zoos or farms (29 per cent)

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