Autistic boy branded a cheat for being too good at Xbox Live

An autistic 11-year-old has been labeled a cheater and had his high score reset, after Microsoft claimed his achievements were too good to be true


An autistic boy in the US has been branded an Xbox Live cheater because his scores were “impossibly” high, according to Microsoft. The boy’s mum has explained that her son can master games in three or four days and Xbox Live provides important interaction for her autistic son.


“This has affected him emotionally. He’s branded a cheater and to him, with autism, that’s like a sin to him,” said mum Jennifer, who has asked Microsoft to remove the “cheat” label from her son’s account.

Microsoft has suggested the boy, who has not been named, can earn back his achievements legitimately and that the account had been tampered with to create such high scores.

“I confirmed that achievements were illegitimately modified on the account and contacted the customer directly with specifics,” Microsoft’s director of policy and enforcement for Xbox Live, Stephen Toulouse, tweeted after the case reached the press.


Mum Jennifer has threatened to cancel her son’s subscription if Microsoft does not remove the label from her son’s account.

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