We all treasure our children's artwork from a young age. But these remarkable paintings were made by babies before they were even born.


Mums to be between 32 and 39 weeks pregnant volunteered to take part in the Unborn Artists charity campaign in Belgium – to raise money for unborn children in Africa.

But how on earth were they created?

Well, the women lay on their backs with paintbrushes that had been dipped in colourful paints, taped to their baby bumps. Then a blank canvas was placed next to them and they just waited for their babies to kick.

And we think the results are pretty fantastic.

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The colourful images have been sold at auctions to raise money to support unborn babies in Africa.

The video aims to raise awareness of how many unborn babies in Africa won't even survive their own birth because their mums don't have access to proper medical care.

The paintings are being sold to raise money for SOS Children's Villages, which provides care, education and health services to 2.2 million at risk children and adults in 133 territories across Africa.

Watch the full video below to see how the paintings were made…

Would you have a go at getting your unborn baby to paint a canvas? Let us know in the comments below.

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