Baby born in hospital toilet

Husband has to ‘scoop’ newborn out of toilet bowl


A mum of two has given birth to her third child – in a hospital toilet.


Sharon Willoughby, 40, went to the birthing unit in King’s Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire and was given treatment to induce the birth.

She went to the unit’s WC after feeling severe pains and realised she was delivering her baby. Her husband rushed to help when he heard Sharon screaming.

“I went in and as she crouched down I saw something come out,” husband Richard told the Daily Mail. “We didn’t know what it was but Sharon felt the pain go. Our baby was in the toilet and Sharon looked round and realised she’d given birth.”

Richard scooped the baby out of the toilet and then the couple pulled the alarm cord to call for help. They claim, however, that the midwives thought she was calling for a cup of tea.  

“We had to shuffle to the main room to wrap her up before I could go and get help,” explained Sharon.


According to the Mail, the hospital was said to be looking at leaving fire doors open so patients calling for help could be heard more easily.

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