Toddler caught singing Darth Vader’s theme on baby monitor

Don't want to alarm anyone, but we think she may have gone over to the dark side…


Watching Star Wars for the first time with your kids can be a pretty big moment. We hope they’ll be rooting for Luke and Leia as they battle Darth Vader to restore peace to the Empire. But dad Jonathan H. Liu found that his daughter, who’s just 2 and a half, had more of a preference for the dark side.


“Buh bah, bah, buh bah bah, buh bah bah,” her sweet little voice sang out of the baby monitor after she’d been put to bed.

Yes, she was rather ominously singing The Imperial March – Darth Vader’s Theme.

“We watched Star Wars with our kids recently, and our toddler (2 and a half) really enjoyed the bits she saw before her bedtime. One of her favorite parts: the Imperial March. Here she is singing it to herself in her crib (as seen through the baby monitor),” Jonathan said, sharing the video on YouTube.

Here’s a reminder of the original…

She did pretty well don’t you think? It’s just a shame she’s on Darth Vader’s side. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it.

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