Baby constipation may be helped by probiotics

Chronic constipation in babies could potentially be treated with probiotic supplements


Probiotics have been found to ease chronic constipation in babies under the age of 1. A study in Italy found a marked improvement in babies treated with probiotic supplements while hospitalised for constipation.  Out of 44 babies, half were given doses of probiotic while the other half were given a placebo.


Constipation is fairly common in babies especially during changes of diet – such as breast to formula milk or during weaning. Babies were observed for how often they had a bowel movement, its consistency and their periods of “inconsolable crying”. Those given the probiotic saw an increase in bowel movements suggesting an improvement in their constipation.

However, this was a small study and further research is needed before doctors will consider changing current guidelines.


If you are concerned about your baby’s constipation, try out recommendations to easing the symptoms.

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