Baby feeling unwell? Teach her sign language

Baby sign book launched to teach your baby how to show she’s ill


An online book that helps you teach you baby or toddler sign language for illness symptoms has been launched by a Scottish childcare expert, reports the BBC.


Yvonne K Lavelle, who runs a nanny agency, is the author of The Swine Flu Baby Signs e-booklet. She hopes it will help babies and toddlers to communicate more effectively that they’re feeling sick.

Yvonne, from Glasgow, became interested baby sign language eight years ago. She began to run classes and has written a baby signing workbook.

Previous research has suggested babies who sign were less frustrated, ad some nurseries encourage their tots to use baby sign language to show if they’re hungry, thirsty, or need their nappy changed.

The baby sign book shows you around 30 words, such as ‘hot’, ‘cold’, ‘pain’, ‘more water’, ‘ill’ and ‘a hug’. While it came about in response to swine flu, these are signs that can be useful for more common health complaints your baby may encounter before she learns to talk.


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