Baby girl beats odds of 48 million to 1 to be born on dad AND grandad’s birthday

Little Alexa has kept up the family tradition...


Well, 4 June is going to be even more cause celebration for this lovely family, as their latest addition, Alexa Rey, made her entrance into the world on not only her dad Steve Jnr’s birthday, but also her grandfather Steve Snr’s special day.


Bookies reckon that newborn Alexa beat odds of 48 million to 1 with her arrival – and her proud family can’t quite believe it either.

And what makes Alexa even more of a miracle is that her mum Emma, 33, fell for her naturally after 2 heartbreaking rounds of IVF. 

Speaking to the Mirror, her mega proud grandad, 63-year-old Steve Snr, said: “When Steve was born it was the best birthday present and I didn’t think anything could ever top that – but the arrival of my beautiful granddaughter has made it a day I will never forget.”

Steve Jnr, 35, and wife Emma, 33, had been trying for a baby for 7 years and had to use donor eggs throughout their IVF treatment.

Emma – who suffers from endometriosis – and Steve Jnr, made the decision to not have any more IVF after losing 2 pregnancies, and were stunned when they found out they had conceived naturally. 

“When we found out we were going to have a baby naturally we couldn’t quite believe it,” Steve said.

“Emma’s due date was June 16 so we never thought we would share a birthday. If I’d have put a bet on this I’d be a millionaire by now – but sadly I didn’t.”

Emma ended up being induced on Friday 2nd, after doctors became concerned about Alexa having a reduction in movements.

“Her waters broke in the early hours of Sunday, and by the afternoon I had my little girl in my arms,” Steve explained. 

Thrilled mum Emma joked with reporters that her husband has now lost his birthday forever.

“My due date was June 16. Alexa was two weeks early,” she said, “When we went into hospital on June 1, we thought she would come either that day or in the next few days.

“The nearer it got to the day, the more we thought ‘this could actually happen!”

“Steve has said that he will lose his birthday forever now!”

Aw – what a lovely story. Do you have any shared birthdays in your family? Let us know in comments or on Facebook.

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