Baby induced before dad goes to Afghanistan

A soldier's wife had her baby a week early so her hubby could see his newborn daughter

Zoe Watts, wife of Cpl Paul Watts, was due to give birth after her husband had left for Afghanistan. However, instead she was able to have her baby induced a week early so he could meet his daughter.


“Luckily for me there were no problems in the pregnancy and it was really important for Paul to meet her before he left for Afghanistan,” Zoe said.

For a week, Paul from Worcester was able to bond with baby Isabella before he left and Zoe says it helped bring the family closer together on his return from Afghanistan.

Paul came home to six-month-old Isabella on Sunday after serving with the 40 Commando in Helmand Province.

“I got a big smile and a little hug which was truly needed I think,” said new dad Paul.

Paul told BBC News the induction was a joint decision between him and his wife and they both have no regrets on the decision to go ahead with it.

Zoe admits, “My midwife was quite doubtful that they would allow it but our consultant was excellent and she kind of sympathised with us and, as there was no problems in the pregnancy, she let it go ahead”.

Zoe also said she was aware that many other couples with partners in the armed forces do the same thing.


“I’m happy, happy to be home with the family,” said proud dad Paul.

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