Baby items left in car are a target for thieves

From your buggy to toys, the baby equipment left in your car overnight could prove a gold-mine for thieves


The new warning to parents is not to leave baby gear in your car overnight. Due to the rise in cost of baby equipment, expensive gear such as buggies, car seats and cots are being targeted more and more by thieves, according to the Daily Mail.


The top five baby-related items left in cars overnight are pushchair, toys, books, coats and travel cots, according to research by insurance company Allianz. Also, some parents frequently leave baby gear worth as much as £500 unattended in their cars.

“Parents are very good at making sure they have all the essentials to cater for travelling with young children, but they also need to be mindful of car security,” said Andy James, from Allianz.

The key thing is not to give thieves a chance – lock your baby’s gear out of sight in the boot (this is, of course, no guarantee) or take it inside. Also, check what your insurance policies cover – home and contents as well as motor insurance. You might find even if your car was broken into, anything left on the back seat can’t be covered, or if it is, the limit is low.

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