A mum-of-3 admits she was baffled when she her third baby would only take milk from one of her breasts.


While at first, Shakti Dalal from Texas, thought her daughter Layla was just being fussy, she spotted a lump under her arm on the same side. She figured initially it was probably a blocked milk duct, but asked her doctor to check it out just in case it was something more serious.

When the results came back, they revealed that Shakti had stage 3 breast cancer which had spread to her lymph nodes. Her oncologist confirmed that the cancerous cells could indeed make breast milk taste bitter and could be the reason why the baby didn't want milk from that breast.

"She knew something was wrong," Shakti told KHOU-V. "She's my angel and she found the cancer."

Shakti started on chemotherapy, radiation and had a single mastectomy. While she had to give up nursing her daughter because of the medication, she says: "I had to suck it up and look at the glass half full. I'm going to get this treatment and still be here for her."

What's really important to mention is that breastfeeding babies can choose to feed from one breast only for all sorts of reasons – sometimes a blocked nostril or ear infection means they find it more comfortable on one side than the other.

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Lots of our own MFM mums say their baby only used to feed from one breast, too – it doesn't automatically mean anything untoward is going on. If this is the case with you though and you are worried in any way – do see a doctor.

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